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It is finally cherry season! My cherry tree is FULL of ripe, juicy cherries that are literally falling off the tree, so I wanted to round up all our favourite cherry recipes to share with you!

I didn’t know how lucky I was growing up here. My friends and I used to park our car under the cherry trees and eat all the fruit that would hang over the car (not sure who’s orchard that was in retrospect, whoops lol). Okanagan cherries are so sweet and flavourful, they are seriously like candy! We eat our weight in them right now and use them in all sorts of dishes that I wanted to share with y’all today!

If you happen to have extra cherries that you don’t use up you can remove the pits and freeze them on a baking sheet (transfer to an airtight container after) to use later in the year for pies, smoothies etc. That way, when you’re missing summer, you can close your eyes, turn up the heat and imagine you’re back on a patio somewhere in the Okanagan!

In case your garden or local market is bursting with more than just cherries, we rounded up all our favourite zucchini recipes here including how to freeze it, and our favourite apple recipes here! Or if you’re looking to just enjoy summer, we rounded up 18 summer picnic recipes are here.

Our Favourite Cherry Recipes

Cherry Amaretto Smoothie

A taste of summer to start your day! This Cherry Amaretto Smoothie is so refreshing. It tastes like a fancy dessert in disguise!

Cherry Kale Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette

This salad is so simple to make and has the perfect balance of tart and sweet. With sweet cherries, salty feta and crispy almonds your tastebuds are sure to thank you!

Cherry Citrus Oat Bran Muffins

We try and spend more time outdoors in the summer and these muffins are the perfect snack to pack on the go!

Cherry Coconut Yogurt

I made this recipe for Jill’s site a couple years ago and if you’re on the hunt for an easy vegan yogurt this is your recipe!

Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola

The Okanagan – in granola form! This addictive Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola is a mix of oats, dark chocolate, dried cherries, coconut and crunchy almonds.

Okanagan Cherry Oat Bars

These Okanagan Cherry Oat Bars have both a gluten free and vegan option. These bars also freeze great so you can have them on hand later!

Peach Cherry Salsa

You may need to wait a couple weeks for this one but it makes for the perfect quick snack. The sweet fruit flavours get balanced out so perfectly but the lime juice and cilantro.

Homemade Cherry Ice Cream 2 Ways

Need I say more than cherry ice cream?? I created both a chocolate and a vanilla cherry ice cream a couple years ago and they’re are both delicious if you’re looking for a frozen treat this summer.

Okanagan Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches

I stumbled across this recipe on Jill’s site and it had me drooling! If you’ve got some time on your hands then these are worth trying!

Baked Vegan Cheesecake

I made this recipe at the end of cherry season last year. We weren’t sure how it would turn out but it was UH-MAZING. This baked vegan cheesecake is a slightly healthier take than your typical cheesecake but without the compromise!

Black Forest Black Bean Brownies

This simple recipe is fudgy and delicious! These cherries get soaked in rum, making them even more indulgent! Mmmm rum cherries….